Our teachers are among the best in the city. They have a deep understanding of biomechanics – how the body moves. Using Pilates based exercises our instructors aim to build strength in specific areas of the body to balance muscles, and better align posture. Working one-on-one, or semi-privately allows your instructor to curate a custom Pilates session based on what you need that day. There is a level of care, and attention to detail that is undeniable when you work with an instructor at Fine Tune Pilates. Our instructors are motivated by creating positive changes in the body you can FEEL.



Brittany is the founder of Fine Tunes Pilates, and one of Toronto’s foremost authorities on Pilates. She has actively been teaching since 2009. She developed a love for Pilates while finishing her music degree. One of her voice teachers introduced her to Pilates to assist with breathing, and core support while singing. Brittany’s first Pilates class left her feeling stronger, and able to access muscles in her body she had never felt before. As her breathing improved, she quickly realized that Pilates had the ability to change all aspects of a person’s life, above and beyond just their physique. Ultimately, her love for singing culminated in a dedication to Pilates that became a lifelong passion.

Prior to opening her own studio, she trained and taught at Body Harmonics for several years, studying courses in rehab Pilates for the spine, shoulders, hips, and knees, Pre/Post-natal Fitness, Exercise for Seniors, and Pilates for Men, to name a few.



I am a a Pilates teacher, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Foot Reflexologist and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner in training. I teach Pilates out of a deep and personal commitment to improving my clients’ lives. I am attracted to the ease and power of movement that can be achieved with Pilates exercises, which combine anatomy and mindfulness in a way that is uniquely effective. My wish is to help peoples’ bodies become more aligned, strong and flexible so that ultimately they feel an immense sense of well being.