My Favorite Things Monday: Holiday Gift Edition

BLOG:  So this is more of a website than a blog but it was informative and interesting just the same.  Treehugger  offers unique holiday gift ideas for everyone.
PRODUCTS:  Queen Helene natural facial scrub is so great for exfoliating dry tired winter skin and is a great stocking stuffer for men and women.
GEAR:  The weighted jump rope is a great gift idea for the fitness enthusiast or athlete in your family.  If offers an excellent indoor cardiovascular, endurance building workout when outdoor interval running isn’t available.  If you don’t have high ceilings like we do at home try Jump Snap ropeless jump ropes.
FOOD:  A great snack on between over indulgent holiday feasts is the a crispy seaweed snack.  This may not sounds appetizing at first but the health benefits of seaweed are incredible, and the crispy texture of this snack is very satisfying!  They’re a great way to keep your weight under control during this out of control party packed season amidst the rows and rows of buttery sweets.
WORKOUT:  STOTT Pilates The Secret To Flat Abs DVD  is an excellent gift for the Pilates beginner, or the seasoned Pilates vet.  It is a level 1 DVD, but gives a comprehensive view on how to really engage your core and flatten out your belly in a mindful and satisfying workout.

I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away, and that another year is gone.  I hope Santa brings you everything you could every hope and dream of this year.   And if Santa is a little behind on the assembly line at the North Pole, that maybe these gift ideas will help him to find some inspiration 😉

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