Brittany C. Murphy, is the founder of Fine Tunes Pilates, and one of Toronto’s foremost authorities on Pilates. Brittany has actively been teaching Pilates since 2009. She developed a love for Pilates while finishing her music degree at York University. One of her voice teachers introduced her to Pilates to assist with breathing, and core support while singing. At the time, Brittany was a dance “wannabe,” and a gym junkie who needed an outlet to move. Pilates was the perfect fit! Ultimately, her passion for music and dance culminated in a dedication to Pilates, because it makes her feel “coordinated, confident, and strong.”

Prior to opening her own studio, she trained and taught at Body Harmonics for several years, studying courses in rehab Pilates, Pre/Post-natal Fitness, Exercise for Seniors, and Pilates for Men, to name a few. She made movement her whole life, and wanted to learn all there was to know about Pilates. Brittany now aims to share this knowledge with the community of Roncesvalles.

“When I moved to Roncesvalles Village, I noticed there was nothing like this in the neighbourhood. This is a community that is filled with young families, who value a healthy lifestyle, but there was nowhere for them to exercise in a way that supported that lifestyle. Fine Tuning your body, in my mind, is about learning the best way to exercise after having a baby, about doing something good for yourself, and about developing a knowledge of how your body moves, and what you are capable of.”

Brittany believes that when we choose exercise that better aligns the body, and strengthens the muscles that help us move throughout our day, we look balanced, and feel our finest.